Basic Rules

This is a point-buy RPG where all abilities are available to all characters, but there are specialties that will reduce the cost. There are Primary and Secondary specialties. Primary reduces the cost of abilities under their umbrella by 2 while Secondary only reduces it by 1. You may use both Specialties on the same group of abilities, but you will lack in versatility. Every Primary Specialty will grant you level-dependent abilities. You gain points to purchase these abilities at every level. This is not meant to be a high-level game like D&D, however, so characters from the game have the potential to be more powerful that their D&D counterparts.

When you do an average roll, roll 1d10 and add the related Attribute. The number of d10s you roll increases as you gain levels.

There are two ways to use abilities. Action Dice and Magic Points. All characters start the game with 1 Action Die and at least 3 Magic Points. Action Dice start at 1d4 and increase as you level up. The Warrior and Beast Master specialties gain Action Dice more rapidly than other characters. Characters with Magic Specialties gain Magic Points at a higher rate than others. Action Dice are recharged at the beginning of every round of Combat, while Magic Points are recharged at the beginning of every day.

There are two basic types of actions: Standard Actions and Move Actions. You may make one move action a turn regardless of how many Action Dice you have. Standard actions are gained by sacrificing (or ‘burning’) Action Dice. Using an ability is a Standard Action unless otherwise specified.

The attributes used in this game are Strength, Dexterity, Constitution, and Magic. You start the game with a score between 1 and 4 in all of these abilities. To gain these you either roll 2d4 and choose the highest, repeating for each attribute, or choose to allocate 4, 3, 2, and 1 to whichever you choose. A score of 1 in an attribute means that you are somewhat pathetic in that area, 2 means that you are good enough pass, 3 means that you are average, 4 means that you are good at it, 5 is very good, and 6 is phenomenal. Scores higher than 6 are considered the stuff of legends. Scores higher than 12 are possessed by those who could rival the Gods. If you have a score higher than 12, then odds are someone is doing something wrong. When you augment a roll with an attribute, you add the entire attribute, not some random number tied to it.

There are skill checks, which will be figured out later. For now, just follow the General Rolls rule.

Basic Rules

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